The Golden Truth By Harvey Dale


Well, it’s been a funny old week that feels like I haven’t had 2 minutes to myself until now so I’ve certainly got plenty of stuff to talk about! Let’s see how this goes!! Let’s start with some easy points, Chuck Taylor made it safely to the UK on Thursday for the 3 week tour that I have set up for him and has had 3 great bookings across the weekend that began at VII Pro in Shrewsbury before heading onto Target Wrestling up in Carlisle on Saturday and finishing off at Tidal Wrestling in Leeds yesterday. Big thanks to all three promotions and promoters who have looked after him this weekend and ensured that everything has run smoothly and professionally. I can whole heartedly endorse all three promotions as being places that all fans of the British Wrestling scene should check out.

The HOPE Wrestling Academies in both Derby and Milton Keynes continue to go from strength to strength and with the addition of a full sized ring in each one of our schools now, I’m sure they will just continue on this very path. Tuesday saw me leave my house at 9am to pick up good old Rob Sharpe, who is ever reliable when it comes to going the extra mile and helping out when asked and off down to Horsham we went… all in all, with traffic and detours, I think it ended up being an hour 8 round trip to pick up the new ring and get it safely to training on Tuesday night, where a lot of our students had their first taste of putting it up… something I am sure they will become all to familiar with before very long in this business. Being trapped in a Transit van for 8 hours with Rob Sharpe certainly provided endless hours of entertainment though and I have to say that I couldn’t have asked for a better travel buddy or to be in the company of someone who cares so much about this business, doing everything the right way from when he started, seeking out proper training, getting himself in superb shape and going along to as many shows and on as many ring jobs as he possibly could, in order to learn an progress. Rob is a real credit to the business that we are in and I’m proud to be able to call him my friend. Sunday morning also saw us host a seminar with the amazing Mad Man Manson that was just out of this world. 20 students benefitted from a totally unique, behind the character look at one of the UK’s smartest ever workers. How so many more didn’t sieze this opportunity baffles me. Anyone who wants to become a professional wrestler and take this business seriously needs to get along to one of these.

I also just want to take a moment to acknowledge another Robert who has had an influence on my life and direction at this time. Robert Shade, for those of you who don’t know Robert, he was my business partner with HOPE for about 18 months or so and has become a very good friend over that time. Myself and Robert reached the decision a few weeks back that we both felt our lives were heading in different directions and that Robert wanted to follow his passion with regards to the community work that he was doing and helping people out in life. It’s something that he is so good at and so passionate about that it would have been wrong of me to object to him wanting to follow his dream and Robert will be announcing his own project very soon I’m sure that will not only have a wrestling undertone to it within Derby (completely seperate to HOPE) but will also make a huge difference to the people in the local community and area where it shall be based. I for one, wish Robert every success with it, but it’s not my place to go into detail, I’ll leave that for him.

So… it wouldn’t be “The Golden Truth” if I didn’t at least touch on some form of controversy would it? Which leads me into something that appears to still be raging on on my facebook page as we speak… the age old problem of certain people behaving like pieces of shit and thinking they can get away with it. The argument seems to always be one that sees people on both sides of the fence chipping in with their two pennies worth and the ‘debates’ can often become heated… so here’s where I stand…

During the week it was bought to my attention (and not for the first time) that a promoter named Nick Ashberry, who runs a promotion called EAW had been making disparaging remarks about HOPE and our students (some of which happen to be former students of Nick’s at his EAW ‘school’) where by he was calling HOPE trainees, wrestlers and the show itself ‘a 2 bit side show.’ So let me fill you in on where this nonsense came from! Nick runs a Northamptonshire town called Rushden as one of his main venues and another called Kettering. Northampton is a pretty big county with several other towns in it and we ventured over to another town called Wellingborough, found a venue and booked a show in it. It was at this point that Nick decided to start freaking out and making stupid statements all over facebook on a daily basis, so me being me, I called him out on it and a HUGE facebook thread insued… now I would have been happy to have this conversation with Nick in private myself, but sadly, like most cowards, Nick made his comments and then blocked me, thus giving me the fuel I needed to set a fire under way with my own status. Say what you like about me as a human being, I am thick skinned enough not to care either way but the second you take a pot shot at my business of my trainees, I shall be all over you like a rash. As I have said to another ‘promoter’ on the Southern side of the UK before (is that subtle enough to not get me into trouble?), leave other people out of your petty bull shit… if you have something to say to or about me… come and say it to ME! There is a great saying that I have actually used as my profile picture before that includes a Wednesday Addams quote from the old Addams Family movie, it says, “I used to walk into a room full of people and wondered if they liked me, now I look around and wonder if I like them” it seems that this statement is becoming more true of my own life with every passing day.

So, what happened from there I hear you ask (as if you can’t already guess)? What I decided to do, and I stand by my decision 100%, is to just totally out Ashberry and his bull shit. This guy, as anyone who knows him will know, is nothing more than a sorry state of a man. A guy that cannot go 15 minutes without needing to light a questionable source of nicotine intake (that contains absolutely no nicotine and smells incredibly like a cannabis farm) and who has absolutely zero respect for his trainees, wrestlers or indeed his own family members. EAW has been associated with some very promising talents over the years as they were coming through, but sadly, Nick’s control freak attitude and the simple fact that he doesn’t give 2 shits about these folks pursuing their dreams and getting on in the world of wrestling, has held many of them back. An association with EAW instatly turns off most promoters from wanting to give a new talent a look or a break as the terrible practices that are in place at the training school (where Nick has never given one of his trainers a single penny so I am told), his lack of respect for his students and the fact that this place is often referred to as nothing more than the ‘drug den of British Wrestling’ have always contributed to the fact that no matter how hard some of these guys work, they will sadly never be given the opportunites that their abilities deserve. Here’s hoping that any remaining EAW trainees (not that there are many now left) read this and understand that if they want to be wrestlers, they need to get away from that place and cut all ties, sooner rather than later. I also happened to notice a comment from another of what I like to call the ‘usual suspects’ on Nick’s last rant about me personally… James Gallagher who runs Kamikaze Pro, which seems sad to me. I parted from Kamikaze on bad terms and myself and James will never be buddies, but as a promotion, I think Kamikaze has done some very good things and despite my personal feelings on James, I don’t feel the need to reel off a list of false accusations fed to me by other people, but hey ho, different people operate in different ways and he was more than happy to use an international talent that I had in the UK a few months back without paying or being asked for a flight share after a show was cancelled short notice… no mention of that during his false accusations though I noticed. I do HOPE that Kamikaze continues to thrive as a lot of my friends still work there and Birmingham is an absolute hive for wrestling with some of the UK’s best talents all coming from that area.

I have moved slightly off topic though so let get back to the age old argument that seems to rage on with my own social media and the fact that some people believe that these matters are better off handled behind closed doors and that pieces of shit like Nick Ashberry should just be allowed to carry on with their bs… personally, I think that’s nonsense, I do not speak for nor represent ‘BritWres’ as a whole… but I reserve the right to defend myself, my product, my trainees, my wrestlers, fans and friends should anyone be taking the piss out of them and I shall continue to do so for as long as there is air in my lungs. In no other job do you see people wishing to sweep things under the carpet, if someone is caught stealing from a shop, does it not get shared around or published in the local paper? These people and their practices not only contribute to holding back our scene but they also cost fans, wrestlers and promotions money with their actions. By getting someone’s show called off, you are not just hurting the promoter, you are hurting the fans who wanted to see the show and the wrestlers who are then out money by not being able to work. STOP DOING IT. Concentrate on making your own product better and leave other people to get on with theirs. I am never threatened by another promotion running a town down the road from me, as I know that my show will speak for itself but sadly, the tactic of ruining someone else’s livelihood always seems to be more practical to some than putting in the extra effort to promote their own. If I ever become THAT person, I urge someone to please come along and put me out of my misery!

Until next week folks….

HD x


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