Upcoming shows in UK & Ireland

Following the success of British/Irish Wrestling Round-Up column here at The Indy Corner, I have compiled a list of wrestling events throughout the year that have been announced by over 40 wrestling companies .


Friday 12th – Bellatrix 25: Queen Of The Ring, Norwich

Friday 12th – EBW: Mayday 2017, Wath upon Dearne

Friday 12th – Grand Pro, Wigan

Friday 12th – House of Pain Wrestling: Live Wrestling, Hucknall

Friday 12th – ICW: Fight Club On Tour, Leicester

Friday 12th – IPW: Future #24, Swanley

Saturday 13th – ATTACK! Pro Wrestling: Teenagers With Attitude, Cheltenham

Saturday 13th – House of Pain Wrestling: Beeston, Nottingham

Saturday 13th – ICW: Fight Club On Tour, Cardiff

Saturday 13th – WAW: Supershow Part 1, Norwich

Saturday 13th – WAW: Supershow Part 2, Norwich

Sunday 14th – Fight Nation & Lucha Forever Presents: Fight! Forever, London

Sunday 14th – HOPE Wrestling: Sacrifice Pro II: I Was Saying Boo, Leighton Buzzard

Sunday 14th – ICW: Fight Club On Tour, London

Sunday 14th – Progress Chapter 48: Bang The Drum, Manchester

Sunday 14th – WAW/Bellatrix: Presents A Night Of Professional Wrestling, Lowestoft

Sunday 14th – WCPW: Pro Wrestling World Cup: Canada Qualifiers, Toronto – Canada

Thursday 18th – Lucha Forever Presents: Lucha Live #2, Bark Twice If You’re In Southampton, Southampton

Thursday 18th – TNT Extreme Wrestling: Supreme Extreme 2017, Liverpool

Friday 19th – Fight Club: PRO: DTTI Hangover, Wolverhampton

Friday 19th – MEW: 4 Way War 2017, Newcastle

Saturday 20th – 3CW: Enthrone, Hartlepool

Saturday 20th – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Thatcham

Saturday 20th – ATTACK! Pro Wrestling: Soundtrack To A Head Drop, Bristol

Saturday 20th – Pro-Wrestling:EVE: Babes With The Power Day One, London

Saturday 20th – Scottish Wrestling Entertainment: In Yer Toon “GED”, Blairgowrie, Perth And Kinross

Saturday 20th – Target Wrestling: Live At The Venue, Carlisle

Saturday 20th – WAW/Bellatrix: Presents A Night Of Professional Wrestling, Gressenhall

Sunday 21st – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Portishead

Sunday 21st – FutureShock: Uproar 94, Manchester

Sunday 21st – IPW: SuperShow 9, Rochester

Sunday 21st – Pro-Wrestling:EVE: Babes With The Power Day Two, London

Sunday 21st – Source: Showcase, Glasgow

Thursday 25th – Lucha Forever: Catch Me Outside, Birmingham

Friday 26th – HOPE Wrestling: Evolution 47: You And Me In British Racing Green, Mansfield

Friday 26th – House of Pain Wrestling: Cotgrave, Nottingham

Friday 26th – Ironfirst Wrestling: Live Wrestling, Shrewsbury

Friday 26th – PCW: Live Wrestling, Bradford

Friday 26th – PCW: ‘Secret Show’, Bradford

Saturday 27th – House of Pain Wrestling: St. Anns, Nottingham

Saturday 27th – PCW: Live Wrestling, Preston

Saturday 27th – Progress Chapter 49: Super Strong Style 16 Part 1, London

Saturday 27th – Pro EVW: The Greenway Centre, Bristol

Saturday 27th – Source: Dennistoun, Glasgow

Saturday 27th – Scottish Wrestling Entertainment: Uprising, Dundee

Sunday 28th – House of Pain Wrestling, Calverton, Nottingham

Sunday 28th – ICW: Fight Club, Glasgow

Sunday 28th – OTT: OTT Contenders, Dublin

Sunday 28th – Progress Chapter 49: Super Strong Style 16 Part 2, London

Sunday 28th – Rev Pro: Live In Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth

Sunday 28th – Scottish Wrestling Entertainment: Uprising: Extra, Dundee

Sunday 28th – WAW: Wrestling, North Walshaw

Monday 29th – Megaslam Wrestling: Battle Lines 2017, Bridlington

Monday 29th – Progress Chapter 49: Super Strong Style 16 Part 3, London


Friday 2nd – HOPE Wrestling: Welcome Back To The Freakshow, It’s Gonna Be Havoc, Derby

Friday 2nd – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 3rd – 4FW: Adrenaline Rush 2017, Bristol

Saturday 3rd – BEW: International Grand Prix 2017 Day 1, London

Saturday 3rd – IPW: UK Super 8 Tournament 2017: The One-Night Standard Bearer, Snodland

Saturday 3rd – PBW: Live Wrestling, Dumbarton

Saturday 3rd – Pro Wrestling Chaos: UnBroLeiable, Bristol

Saturday 3rd – SWA: Sledgehammer, Telford

Saturday 3rd – Target Wrestling: Live Wrestling, Stranraer

Saturday 3rd – TNT Extreme Wrestling: Going Off Big Time 2017, Liverpool

Sunday 4th – TIDAL: High Tide 2017: Battle Lines

Sunday 4th – 4FW: Ultimate Supremacy 2017, Swindon

Sunday 4th: BEW: International Grand Prix 2017 Day 2, London

Sunday 4th – OTT: Outer Space Odyssey 3, Dublin

Sunday 4th – Rev Pro: Live At The Cockpit 17, London

Friday 9th – British Championship Wrestling (BCW), East Kilbride

Friday 9th: NGW: 9 Year Anniversary, Hull

Friday 9th – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 10th – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Malborough

Saturday 10th – 5 Star Wrestling, Liverpool

Saturday 10th – Alpha Omega UK: Morecambe Mathem 2017, Morecambe

Saturday 10th – BEW: Live Wrestling, Mitcham

Saturday 10th – EBW: Apocalypse Now?, Sheffield

Saturday 10th – Ironfist Wrestling: Live Wrestling, Evesham

Saturday 10th – PWU: All Fired Up, Lisburn

Sunday 11th – NGW: Live Wrestling, Pudsey

Tuesday 13th – Lucha Forever Presents: Lucha Live #3 A MOD, A Kiwi And An Assassin Walk Into A Bar, Manchester

Friday 16th – House of Pain Wrestling: Live Wrestling, Hucknall

Friday 16th – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 17th – 5 Star Wrestling, Blackburn

Saturday 17th – Absolute Wrestling: Fight Forever, Newcastle

Saturday 17th – House of Pain Wrestling: Beeston, Nottingham

Saturday 17th – Ironfist Wrestling: Project: Tekken 2, Hereford

Saturday 17th – PCW: Live Wrestling, Blackpool

Saturday 17th – PCW: Free Show, Blackpool

Sunday 18th – ICW: Fight Club, Glasgow

Sunday 18th – Lucha Forever: All Rise, Cardiff

Friday 23rd – Discovery Wrestling: Live, Edinburgh

Friday 23rd – Fight Club: PRO, Wolverhampton

Friday 23rd – House of Pain Wrestling: St. Anns, Nottingham

Friday 23rd – Lucha Forever: We Aint Keeping A Dixie, Liverpool

Friday 23rd – PCW: Tribute To The Troops 2017 Show 1, Preston

Friday 23rd – PCW: Academy Show, Preston

Friday 23rd – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 24th – 3CW: Revolt, Darlington

Saturday 24th – 5 Star Wrestling, Belfast

Saturday 24th – PCW: Tribute To The Troops 2017 Show 2, Preston

Saturday 24th – PCW: Tribute To The Troops 2017 Show 3, Preston

Saturday 24th – Scottish Wrestling Entertainment: Uprising: The Lords Of The Ring, Dundee

Sunday 25th – House of Pain Wrestling: Calverton, Nottingham

Sunday 25th – ICW: Fight Club, Edinburgh

Thursday 29th – Scottish Wrestling Entertainment: Too Hot For PG – 18+, Dundee

Friday 30th – Fight Nation: Redemption, Canterbury

Friday 30th – HOPE Wrestling: Evolution 48: There’s A Poertry About These Streets, Mansfield

Friday 30th – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester


Saturday 1st – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Thatcham

Saturday 1st – House of Pain Wrestling: Debut Day 2017, Nottingham

Sunday 2nd – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Portishead

Sunday 2nd – WCPW: Pro Wrestling World Cup: Germany Qualifiers, Berlin – Germany

Friday 7th – WCPW: Pro Wrestling World Cup: Japan Qualifiers, Manchester

Saturday 8th – 5 Star Wrestling, Dundee

Saturday 8th – BWR: Uprising, Grimsby

Saturday 8th – Fight Nation: Eastbourne TV Tapings, Eastbourne

Saturday 8th – Pro Wrestling Chaos: Heir to the Thron3, Bristol

Saturday 8th – Rev Pro: First Annual British J Cup

Saturday 8th – Source: Bridgeton, Glasgow

Sunday 9th – ICW: Fight Club, Glasgow

Sunday 9th – Progress Chapter 51: Screaming For Progress, Birmingham

Friday 14th – Lucha Forever: Lucha Loco Uno, Birmingham

Friday 14th – MEW: Toon Tussle II

Friday 14th – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 15th – 5 Star Wrestling, Aberdeen

Saturday 15th – BEW: WrestleFest 2017, London

Saturday 15th – SWA: Crowning A Champion Stage 1, Telford

Sunday 16th – PWU: Junction 2: Gold Rush 2017, Belfast

Thursday 20th – PWU: Live Wrestling, Portaferry

Friday 21st – PWE: 6 Year Anniversary Night 1, Ayr

Saturday 22nd – PWE: 6 Year Anniversary Night 2, Ayr

Saturday 22nd – XWA #47, London

Sunday – TIDAL: The Battle Of LS2, Leeds

Sunday 23rd – EBW: EBW At Tramlines, Sheffield

Sunday 23rd – IPW: SuperShow 10, Rochester

Sunday 23rd – Progress Chapter 52:

Sunday 23rd – XWA #48, London

Friday 28th – Fight Club: PRO, Wolverhampton

Friday 28th – Grand Pro, Wigan

Friday 28th – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 29th – 5 Star Wrestling, Cardiff

Saturday 29th – Fight Nation: Easbourne TV Tapings, Eastbourne

Saturday 29th – ICW: Shugs House Party 4 – Day 1, Glasgow

Sunday 30th – ICW: Shugs House Part 4 – Day 2, Glasgow


Friday 4th – HOPE Wrestling: Evolution 50: I Still Love Tom Petty Songs, Mansfield

Friday 4th – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 5th – Alpha Omega UK: Vendetta 2017, Morecambe

Saturday 5th – OTT: WrestleRama, Dublin

Saturday 5th – PCW: Tower Slam (Free Show), Blackpool

Friday 11th – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 12th – TIDAL: Do Unto Others, Leeds

Saturday 12th – 5 Star Wretling, Newcastle

Saturday 12th – Fight Nation: Eastbourne TV Tapings, Eastbourne

Saturday 12th – PCW: Summer of Fun, Preston

Saturday 12th – PCW: 6th Anniversary Show: Your Six Is On Fire, Preston

Sunday 13th – Fight Nation: Wrestling in Weymouth, Weymouth

Friday 18th – Lucha Forever: Tournament Of Forever Night 1, Cardiff

Friday 18th – WCPW: Loaded, Manchester

Saturday 19th – Ironfirst Wrestling: Live Wrestling, Hereford

Saturday 19th – Lucha Forever: Tournament Of Forever Night 2, Birmingham

Saturday 19th – Pro Wrestling Choas: Unleashed, Bristol

Saturday 19th – SWA: Crowning A Champion Stage 2, Telford

Saturday 19th – TNT Extreme Wrestling: Summer Explosion 2017, Liverpool

Friday 25th – Fight Club: PRO, Wolverhampton

Saturday 26th – PCW: Girl Power 2, Preston

Saturday 26th – PWU: 10 Years Strong Weekend Night 1, Belfast

Sunday 27th – PWU: 10 Years Strong Weekend Night 2, Belfast


Friday 1st – EBW: Wrath Upon Dearne 2017, Wath upon Dearne

Friday 1st – Grand Pro, Wigan

Saturday 2nd – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Thatcham

Sunday 3rd – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Portishead

Sunday 3rd – BEW: Ambition of an Empire 2, Show 1: Stardom World Alliance, London

Sunday 3rd – BEW: Ambition of an Empire 2, Show 2: AIWF European Title Tournament, London

Friday 8th – Ironfist Wrestling, TBC

Saturday 9th – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Malborough

Saturday 9th – EBW: Fallout 2017, Sheffield

Saturday 9th – SWE: Hell For Lycra XIV, Dundee

Friday 15th – Ironfist Wrestling, TBC

Saturday 16th – 4FW: Live Wrestling, Bristol

Saturday 16th – Discovery Wrestling: Year 3, Edinburgh

Sunday 17th – IPW: SuperShow 11 (13th Anniversary), Rochester

Sunday 17th – Lucha Forever: Ultimo Batalla 2017

Friday 22nd – Fight Club: PRO, Wolverhampton

Friday 22nd – Fight Nation: Wrestling in Canterbury, Canterbury

Friday 22nd – PWU: Culture Night 2017, Belfast

Saturday 23rd – Fight Club: PRO, Wolverhampton

Saturday 23rd – Pro Wrestling Chaos: Live Wrestling, Thornbury

Saturday 23rd – SWA: Crowning A Champion Stage 3, Telford

Thursday 28th – TNT Extreme Wrestling: Dead Or Alive 2017

Friday 29th – MEW: Northern Bash 2017, Newcastle

Saturday 30th – Alpha Omega UK: Golden Chance 2017, Morecambe

Saturday 30th – Fight Nation: Eastbourne TV Tapings, Eastbourne


Friday 6th – PBW: Live Wrestling, Larbert

Friday 6th – Grand Pro, Wigan

Saturday 14th – Ironfirst Wrestling: Project: Tekken 3, TBC

Saturday 14th – PBW: Live Wrestling, Airdrie

Saturday 21st – 4FW: Kingdom Rising 2017, Swindon

Saturday 21st – BEW: Rock N Wrestle 2017, Reading

Saturday 21st – Fight Nation: Eastbourne TV Tapings, Eastbourne

Saturday 21st – Ironfist Wrestling, Evesham

Sunday 22nd – TIDAL:  Against All Odds #4: EVIL

Friday 27th – Fight Club: PRO, Wolverhampton

Saturday 28th – 4FW: Battle Britannia 2017, Oxford

Saturday 28th – EBW: Halloween Is For Heroes, Sheffield

Saturday 28th – Pro Wrestling Chaos: Hanham Afternoon Show, Bristol

Saturday 28th – Pro Wrestling Chaos: Hanham, Bristol

Saturday 28th – SWA: Live Wrestling, Telford


Friday 3rd – EBW: November Pain 2017, Wath upon Dearne

Saturday 4th – TNT Extreme Wrestling: Cold Day In Hell 2017, Liverpool

Sunday 5th – BEW: Empire Fights Back 4, London

Sunday 5th – Discovery Wrestling: Live, Edinburgh

Saturday 11th – Ironfist Wrestling: Live Wrestling, Hereford

Saturday 11th – PBW: Maximum Impact 2017, Greenock

Saturday 11th – Pro-Wrestling:EVE: She-1: Ace Of EVE Show 1, London

Saturday 11th – Pro-Wrestling:EVE: She-1: Ace Of EVE Show 2, London

Sunday 12th – Fight Nation: Wrestling in Weymouth, Weymouth

Sunday 12th – Pro-Wrestling:EVE: She-1: Ace Of EVE Show 3, London

Sunday 12th – Pro-Wrestling:EVE: She-1: Ace Of EVE Show 4, London

Saturday 18th – Fight Nation: Eastbourne TV Tapings, Eastbourne

Saturday 18th – ICW: Fight Club, Glasgow

Sunday 19th – ICW: Fear & Loathing X, Glasgow

Sunday 19th – IPW: SuperShow 12, Rochester

Friday 24th – Fight Club: PRO, Wolverhampton

Friday 24th – Grand pro, Wigan

Saturday 25th – PBW: Live Wrestling, Dumbarton

Saturday 25th – Pro Wrestling Chaos: Bradley Stoke, Bristol


Friday 1st – PCW: Wrestling World Championship, Preston

Saturday 2nd – Alpha Omega UK: Fightmare Before Christmas 2017, Morecambe

Saturday 2nd – EBW: Winter Wars 2017, Sheffield

Saturday 2nd – SWA: GoldRush 2017, Telford

Sunday 3rd – BEW: Britain’s Rising V, London

Saturday 9th – Fight Nation: End of year Super Show, Eastbourne

Saturday 16th – Silent Nightmare #4: Wake Up Screaming


Monday 1st – Fight Nation: Project X – 18+, TBC
Thank you for reading. If there are any events that are missing from this list that you believe should be added, please feel free to contact @theindycorner

Kurt Johansson @kurtjohansson93

Rev-Pro ‘Angle vs Sabre’ (12/6/16) Review By @SenorLARIATO

Revolution Pro have set a high standard of quality with their York Hall shows and, with only the titular main event announced until all the tickets had been sold, some were worried that this would prove to be a one-match card. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and a packed out 1,200-strong York Hall crowd were treated to seven great matches, numerous international debuts, the return of a former champion and a hero’s welcome for the Best of the Super Jr.

1. Noam Dar vs Marty Scurll

To kick things off, former RPW Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll took on Noam Dar, who returned to RevPro last month and won a qualifier for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. This was Noam’s third appearance back in RevPro and, although he did have his supporters in York Hall, this was quite clearly ‘The Villain’s house and Dar had to work hard without the crowd’s energy behind him. Marty was in fine form in the early going, showing off his prowess on the mat and contorting Dar’s fingers maliciously, before pitching him out of the ring and hitting a big running kick on the apron. He went to the well once too often, however, and when he next tried the move Dar countered by kicking his legs out from under him. Noam hit a few more real nasty kicks to Marty’s legs, softening him up for the Champagne Super Kneebar, as well as a picture perfect running dropkick into the corner, but even though he eventually locked in his submission, Marty managed to escape. Moments later, Marty managed to catch Dar in the Chickenwing to force him to tap in what was a good opening bout. Scurll was his usual excellent self, although mugging off members of the audience only seemed to make people cheer for him all the harder, while it was great to see Noam in person again.

2. Pete Dunne vs Martin Stone

The return of a former champion here, as ‘The Guvnor’ Martin Stone took on current RPW Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion ‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne in a non-title match. Stone, who now lives in the US, has been earning rave reviews for his work in EVOLVE, FIP and AWE and for good reason. The hard-hitting brawler brings a ton of energy to his matches and he put on a great show here with ‘The Bruiserweight’ Pete Dunne, a similarly hard-hitting wrestler who’s really come into his own in the past year or so. Unsurprisingly, this one started out physical and remained that way throughout, neither man gaining any decisive advantage as they pummelled each other with strikes and suplexes. Dunne managed to hit his Drop Dead facebuster, only for Stone to kick out at the very last moment. Stone recovered well, punishing Dunne with some huge uppercuts before hitting the London Bridge DDT, but this time Dunne somehow managed to kick out before the three count, much to Stone’s surprise. A minute later and it was over, Dunne distracting referee Chris Roberts and low-blowing Stone before hitting another Drop Dead facebuster for the win. This was another good match, a proper solid contest between two proper brawlers that the crowd was well into by the end. I felt Stone didn’t initially get the reaction he deserved, but he definitely won over those in the crowd who weren’t following RPW back when he was champion. Post-match Stone asked for the mic and said that, although he’s living in America now, it’s great to see that the British scene’s in good hands with the likes of Pete Dunne.

3. Big Daddy Walter vs Big Damo

As far as Big Lads matches go, they don’t get much bigger than Big Daddy Walter vs Big Damo. The gigantic Austrian native Big Daddy Walter even towered over Big Damo and he brought his extra size to bear for much of the match, keeping Damo (for the most part) under his control. Walter showed off his amazing strength by hitting an impressive side suplex and an even more impressive picture-perfect double arm suplex that shook the ring alarmingly. Walter had scored with one huge missile dropkick off the top, but when he went for it a second time Damo climbed up after him and sent him crashing down to the mat with a huge superplex! Unable to get the big man up for the Belfast Drop, Damo instead resorted to a cross-face and really cinched it in, forcing Walter to tap. This was a well paced match, huge chops and suplexes from both men, but it didn’t seem like many in the crowd were particularly familiar with either man and it didn’t quite get the reaction I felt the match it warranted.

Post-match, a graphic appeared on screen announcing Katsuyori Shibata’s opponent for Summer Sizzler on July 10th…Zack Sabre Jr! What a huge match that’s going to be.

4. Will Ospreay vs Mike Bailey

A true hero’s welcome for ‘The Aerial Assassin’ Will Ospreay here, returning to a UK ring for the first time since winning the NJPW Best of the Super Jr. XXIII tournament against Ryusuke Taguchi in one of the best Jr. Heavyweight matches of the year. The crowd reaction was electric and Will seemed genuinely shocked by the ovation, to which the crowd responded “You deserve it!”. Ospreay’s proved he’s one of the best young wrestlers in the world today and he’s an incredibly versatile talent, but while he can use strikes well, I wouldn’t call him a striker. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey is a striker and that much he most definitely proved here as he punished Ospreay with some devastating kicks to the arms, the legs and the spine of ‘The Aerial Assassin’. At one point Ospreay called “It’s time!” and went up top for a Vader Bomb, but much to his shock Bailey kicked out before the one-count was even made. The match kicked it up a gear and both guys showed off their speed and aerial ability, Bailey hitting a beautiful moonsault double-knee stomp, while Ospreay hit a goddamn springboard Yoshi Tonic. Ospreay scored with the amazing Implosion 450, but Bailey somehow managed to kick out before the three count and Ospreay finished him off with the OsCutter for the three count. A really enjoyable, exciting match that got a big standing ovation from the crowd. Bailey impressed, can’t wait to see him vs Marty Scurll at Summer Sizzler next month. 

Ospreay got on the mic and thanked the fans for their support and gave huge thanks to RPW promoter Andy Quildan for all he’s done for his career. He then went on to say that he won’t be wrestling as much in 2017, as his body just can’t take the punishment, but when he is able to make time for indie appearances he will always make time for RevPro.

5. Chris Hero vs Josh Bodom

The second half of the show got started with ‘The Knock-Out Artist’ Chris Hero taking on Josh Bodom of The Revolutionists. Bodom’s been doing well for himself over the past year in RPW, but this was easily his biggest test yet in Chris Hero, a world-travelled 17 year veteran with knowledge and experience of a vast array of styles. Hero put that knowledge to good use early on, out-wrestling Bodom in the outset before he even brought his deadly elbows and kicks into play. Bodom, for his part, fought well and managed to to withstand the tide of strikes Hero threw at him. He picked his moments well and gained control of the match, hitting his suspended piledriver off the middle rope for a close near-fall. Hero battled back and spiked Bodom with a snap piledriver, but Bodom showed great resilience by kicking out. He went for a low blow on Hero, but it missed and it looked like Bodom was done for, but the referee was accidentally knocked over by Hero, which allowed Bodom to low blow him and hit a big roaring elbow for a shock upset victory. This was another real good match, probably the best I’ve seen from Bodom to date, while Hero again impressed with his devastating strikes and technical ability. Certainly one of the most complete performers in wrestling today.

Post match, Bodom got on the mic and, perhaps somewhat foolishly, challenged Tomohiro Ishii for Summer Sizzler! Good luck, kid.

6. RPW British Tag Title Match: The Revolutionists (Sha Samuels & James Castle) © vs Joel Redman & Charlie Garrett

The penultimate match of the evening saw The Revolutionists of Sha Samuels and James Castle try and defend the RPW tag titles against Joel Redman and Charlie Garrett, who have been teaming to good effect at Rev Pro’s Live at the Cockpit shows over the past month or so. Going into this match The Revolutionsists were just one day shy of holding the RPW tag belts for an entire year, in which they’ve mugged off numerous tag teams, the biggest scalp being that of legendary Japanese tag team TenKoji. Tonight was not The Revolutionists night, however, as Garrett and Redman proved a tough pairing to defeat. The match started out at a quick pace and quickly devolved into anarchy, referee Chris Roberts having difficulty keeping track of who was and wasn’t legal and eventually just counting double pins, neither of which were successful. Eventually Garrett caught Castle with a tombstone, which Redman followed up with an impressive standing corkscrew moonsault to become the new RPW Undisputed British Tag Team Champions! The match was a fun enough break before the main event, although it got a bit muddled towards the end there. I like the pairing of Garrett and Redman.

7. Kurt Angle vs Zack Sabre Jr. (Non-Title)

Main event time and a big reaction for the RPW Undispited British Heavyweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr, but an even bigger reaction for the Olympic Gold Medallist and four time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, who got a huge ovation from the crowd, before they broke into a chorus of “You Suck!” that even Kurt had to crack a smile at. The atmopshere was seriously electric in York Hall as the match got underway. Zack initially confounded Angle with his sublime British wrestling technique, but Kurt used his greater strength to leverage things in his favour. Zack worked his way free and hit a huge penalty kick out of nowhere, only for Kurt to kick out! You could tell Angle was wary of letting that happen again and he took no chances with Sabre when they next locked up, but Zack managed to twist him over into the double-wristlock and Kurt barely made it to the ropes. Zack peppered Angle with a series of strikes, but Kurt ducked under into a waistlock and hit a huge trio of German suplexes that knocked the RPW Champion senseless before locking in the Angle Lock to force Sabre to tap! This wasn’t the longest of bouts and if the card hadn’t been quite so stacked I think some might have been disappointed, but I felt that while the match was fairly compact (owing in part to a knee injury that prevented Kurt from giving 100%) we got our money’s worth. Kurt did a lot to put over Sabre during the match and after it as well, with kind words about Zack, the crowd and RPW, as well as promising he’d be back in the future.

Overall this was another great York Hall outing for Revolution Pro. The main event won’t be making any Match of the Year lists, but it was a cool spectacle in front of a hugely excited and appreciative crowd. The match of the night probably goes to the crazy Will Ospreay vs Mike Bailey match, for my money, but Chris Hero vs Josh Bodom and Martin Stone vs Pete Dunne weren’t far behind. I also really enjoyed the Big Daddy Walter vs Big Damo match, just two big lads throwing big strikes and big suplexes. One issue I’ve had with York Hall shows in the past is the pacing, sometimes they’ve peaked too early, but everything clicked here and I found this a really easy and enjoyable show to watch from ringside. Definitely give it a watch on demand and support RevPro so they continue to put on great events like this!

RPW ‘Angle vs Sabre’ will be available from http://rpwondemand.com on Tuesday, while they return to York Hall on July 10th for Summer Sizzler with Katsuyori Shibata vs Zack Sabre Jr, Josh Bodom vs Tomohiro Ishii, Mike Bailey vs Marty Scurll and Will Ospreay vs Pete Dunne! Tickets are on-sale now over at; http://revolutionprowrestling.com

The Golden Truth By Harvey Dale


Well, it’s been a funny old week that feels like I haven’t had 2 minutes to myself until now so I’ve certainly got plenty of stuff to talk about! Let’s see how this goes!! Let’s start with some easy points, Chuck Taylor made it safely to the UK on Thursday for the 3 week tour that I have set up for him and has had 3 great bookings across the weekend that began at VII Pro in Shrewsbury before heading onto Target Wrestling up in Carlisle on Saturday and finishing off at Tidal Wrestling in Leeds yesterday. Big thanks to all three promotions and promoters who have looked after him this weekend and ensured that everything has run smoothly and professionally. I can whole heartedly endorse all three promotions as being places that all fans of the British Wrestling scene should check out.

The HOPE Wrestling Academies in both Derby and Milton Keynes continue to go from strength to strength and with the addition of a full sized ring in each one of our schools now, I’m sure they will just continue on this very path. Tuesday saw me leave my house at 9am to pick up good old Rob Sharpe, who is ever reliable when it comes to going the extra mile and helping out when asked and off down to Horsham we went… all in all, with traffic and detours, I think it ended up being an hour 8 round trip to pick up the new ring and get it safely to training on Tuesday night, where a lot of our students had their first taste of putting it up… something I am sure they will become all to familiar with before very long in this business. Being trapped in a Transit van for 8 hours with Rob Sharpe certainly provided endless hours of entertainment though and I have to say that I couldn’t have asked for a better travel buddy or to be in the company of someone who cares so much about this business, doing everything the right way from when he started, seeking out proper training, getting himself in superb shape and going along to as many shows and on as many ring jobs as he possibly could, in order to learn an progress. Rob is a real credit to the business that we are in and I’m proud to be able to call him my friend. Sunday morning also saw us host a seminar with the amazing Mad Man Manson that was just out of this world. 20 students benefitted from a totally unique, behind the character look at one of the UK’s smartest ever workers. How so many more didn’t sieze this opportunity baffles me. Anyone who wants to become a professional wrestler and take this business seriously needs to get along to one of these.

I also just want to take a moment to acknowledge another Robert who has had an influence on my life and direction at this time. Robert Shade, for those of you who don’t know Robert, he was my business partner with HOPE for about 18 months or so and has become a very good friend over that time. Myself and Robert reached the decision a few weeks back that we both felt our lives were heading in different directions and that Robert wanted to follow his passion with regards to the community work that he was doing and helping people out in life. It’s something that he is so good at and so passionate about that it would have been wrong of me to object to him wanting to follow his dream and Robert will be announcing his own project very soon I’m sure that will not only have a wrestling undertone to it within Derby (completely seperate to HOPE) but will also make a huge difference to the people in the local community and area where it shall be based. I for one, wish Robert every success with it, but it’s not my place to go into detail, I’ll leave that for him.

So… it wouldn’t be “The Golden Truth” if I didn’t at least touch on some form of controversy would it? Which leads me into something that appears to still be raging on on my facebook page as we speak… the age old problem of certain people behaving like pieces of shit and thinking they can get away with it. The argument seems to always be one that sees people on both sides of the fence chipping in with their two pennies worth and the ‘debates’ can often become heated… so here’s where I stand…

During the week it was bought to my attention (and not for the first time) that a promoter named Nick Ashberry, who runs a promotion called EAW had been making disparaging remarks about HOPE and our students (some of which happen to be former students of Nick’s at his EAW ‘school’) where by he was calling HOPE trainees, wrestlers and the show itself ‘a 2 bit side show.’ So let me fill you in on where this nonsense came from! Nick runs a Northamptonshire town called Rushden as one of his main venues and another called Kettering. Northampton is a pretty big county with several other towns in it and we ventured over to another town called Wellingborough, found a venue and booked a show in it. It was at this point that Nick decided to start freaking out and making stupid statements all over facebook on a daily basis, so me being me, I called him out on it and a HUGE facebook thread insued… now I would have been happy to have this conversation with Nick in private myself, but sadly, like most cowards, Nick made his comments and then blocked me, thus giving me the fuel I needed to set a fire under way with my own status. Say what you like about me as a human being, I am thick skinned enough not to care either way but the second you take a pot shot at my business of my trainees, I shall be all over you like a rash. As I have said to another ‘promoter’ on the Southern side of the UK before (is that subtle enough to not get me into trouble?), leave other people out of your petty bull shit… if you have something to say to or about me… come and say it to ME! There is a great saying that I have actually used as my profile picture before that includes a Wednesday Addams quote from the old Addams Family movie, it says, “I used to walk into a room full of people and wondered if they liked me, now I look around and wonder if I like them” it seems that this statement is becoming more true of my own life with every passing day.

So, what happened from there I hear you ask (as if you can’t already guess)? What I decided to do, and I stand by my decision 100%, is to just totally out Ashberry and his bull shit. This guy, as anyone who knows him will know, is nothing more than a sorry state of a man. A guy that cannot go 15 minutes without needing to light a questionable source of nicotine intake (that contains absolutely no nicotine and smells incredibly like a cannabis farm) and who has absolutely zero respect for his trainees, wrestlers or indeed his own family members. EAW has been associated with some very promising talents over the years as they were coming through, but sadly, Nick’s control freak attitude and the simple fact that he doesn’t give 2 shits about these folks pursuing their dreams and getting on in the world of wrestling, has held many of them back. An association with EAW instatly turns off most promoters from wanting to give a new talent a look or a break as the terrible practices that are in place at the training school (where Nick has never given one of his trainers a single penny so I am told), his lack of respect for his students and the fact that this place is often referred to as nothing more than the ‘drug den of British Wrestling’ have always contributed to the fact that no matter how hard some of these guys work, they will sadly never be given the opportunites that their abilities deserve. Here’s hoping that any remaining EAW trainees (not that there are many now left) read this and understand that if they want to be wrestlers, they need to get away from that place and cut all ties, sooner rather than later. I also happened to notice a comment from another of what I like to call the ‘usual suspects’ on Nick’s last rant about me personally… James Gallagher who runs Kamikaze Pro, which seems sad to me. I parted from Kamikaze on bad terms and myself and James will never be buddies, but as a promotion, I think Kamikaze has done some very good things and despite my personal feelings on James, I don’t feel the need to reel off a list of false accusations fed to me by other people, but hey ho, different people operate in different ways and he was more than happy to use an international talent that I had in the UK a few months back without paying or being asked for a flight share after a show was cancelled short notice… no mention of that during his false accusations though I noticed. I do HOPE that Kamikaze continues to thrive as a lot of my friends still work there and Birmingham is an absolute hive for wrestling with some of the UK’s best talents all coming from that area.

I have moved slightly off topic though so let get back to the age old argument that seems to rage on with my own social media and the fact that some people believe that these matters are better off handled behind closed doors and that pieces of shit like Nick Ashberry should just be allowed to carry on with their bs… personally, I think that’s nonsense, I do not speak for nor represent ‘BritWres’ as a whole… but I reserve the right to defend myself, my product, my trainees, my wrestlers, fans and friends should anyone be taking the piss out of them and I shall continue to do so for as long as there is air in my lungs. In no other job do you see people wishing to sweep things under the carpet, if someone is caught stealing from a shop, does it not get shared around or published in the local paper? These people and their practices not only contribute to holding back our scene but they also cost fans, wrestlers and promotions money with their actions. By getting someone’s show called off, you are not just hurting the promoter, you are hurting the fans who wanted to see the show and the wrestlers who are then out money by not being able to work. STOP DOING IT. Concentrate on making your own product better and leave other people to get on with theirs. I am never threatened by another promotion running a town down the road from me, as I know that my show will speak for itself but sadly, the tactic of ruining someone else’s livelihood always seems to be more practical to some than putting in the extra effort to promote their own. If I ever become THAT person, I urge someone to please come along and put me out of my misery!

Until next week folks….

HD x

The Golden Truth By Harvey Dale


Picture Credit: (c) Brett Hadley

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting the old column back up for a while now and following a pretty good weekend, I felt now would be as good a time as any to sit and put a few thoughts down on paper. I’m sure no one ever reads my ramblings anyway, well unless it happens to be a facebook status, but at least when I’m old(er) and grey and looking back on where my life suddenly went wrong, I can read back through these columns and work it out!

So why now? What has given me the sudden urge to start putting my life down on paper again? As I’m sure most people know, a few months back, I started a project called ‘Wrestling With Depression’ (the facebook page can be found at HERE) after a few things in my personal life had piled up and almost managed to get the better of me. Depression is an illness, just like any other, but because it cannot be seen, there are a lot of people out there who believe that it doesn’t exist or that someone suffering from it is simply just ‘sad’ or ‘having a bad day.’ In my experience this is certainly not the case and I hope that once we have finished filming the project and can put it out there in the mainstream for people to see, that maybe it will help to show people that they shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help or to admit that they need help. A few years ago, I lost a close friend to suicide, we had a drink together in the evening and everything had seemed fine, he left me at around 11pm and by the time 3am had rolled around the following morning he had taken his own life. He was just 21 years old.

Anyway, I hadn’t intended on this first effort to become morbid or go into massive detail about the Wrestling With Depression stuff, having spent around 10 hours on the road this weekend though, it has obviously given my mind plenty of time to wander and for the vast majority, it has wandered into a good place following a great weekend. Saturday saw me return to TNT Extreme Wrestling in Liverpool… now anyone who follows my ‘career’ or character will know that Over 18 shows suit me down to the ground, mainly because I am a mouthy prick at the best of times and this kind of setting and environment allows my mouth to run full steam ahead without getting myself into too much trouble and Saturday was nothing but a blast. I was lucky enough to be asked to join a group within TNT who are known as the ‘Manc Union’ (do you get it? Mancunion… because they are all ‘from Manchester’).. which consists of Bubblegum, Ashton Smith and Sam Bailey… so where do I fit in? Well… the dynamic works because obviously, ANYONE from outside Liverpool, MUST hate Liverpool by default eh? Well… let’s just say that the second my ‘cockney’ accent started spewing out over the mic, I had a room full of Liverpudlian natives baying for my blood! Now, I’m not calling scousers thick (well actually that’s not strictly true, as that was exactly what I did call them… amongst other things) but when you start your promo with the words.. “Now, I have always said that there is nothing like being in a room full of MENSA candidates… and believe me Liverpool, this is NOTHING like being in a room full of MENSA candidates” and not a single one of them cottons on to the fact that you may be slightly having a pop at their intelligence, you just can’t help but have to add the words… “You Thick Fucks”… Now, that may not be very nice… but my god did it get the job done… there was some poor fella in the front row almost spitting his teeth out trying to get his hands on the ‘mouthy cockney bastard’ who he thought, might have just insulted him and his 42 cousins that were surrounding him! (Obviously I jest, as anyone who knows the real me, knows full well that I value the fans at shows above all else becuase without you guys, nothing we do, nor the reactions we are able to get matters at all..but when I am in ‘character’ you can all go to hell haha!)

Having the opportunity to work alongside Ashton and Sam and then later in the evening with Bubblegum as he took on Rampage Brown, in what I can only describe as one of the best matches I have ever had the privellige to be a part of was absolutely great and if you couple that together with the fact that I was able to travel upto the show with Joseph Conners and Chris Flynn (who plays Blake for HOPE and other promotions) just topped off the day, 2 truly great people that made the whole day thoroughly enjoyable and I thank Jay Apter, the promoter of TNT and good old Ruffneck for having the faith in me to throw me in with such a talented group of people and know I can still get the job done with the manager gimmick, something that I don’t get to do as often as I would like to anymore, but unfortunately, Magic Mark misses me on commentary too much if I ever dare to leave him… he’s such a sweetheat!

Fast forward to Sunday (today as I write) and HOPE Wrestling  I’ve been home for about 2 hours following a highly fun afternoon for my own promotion,  as we debuted in a town that I spent 6 years living in back in the mid/late 2000’s, called Leighton Buzzard. Was it a big crowd? No. Was it a good crowd? Oh yes, massively… a crowd that were into the show from the very minute we set off, right through to the end. Now we have got some uber talented guys and girls coming through the ranks at HOPE and this was the perfect opportunity to give a few of them some match time. I’m not gonna sit and reel off a load of names because ultimately someone will be left out and get offended or feel that they haven’t done the job and that would be unfair. Every single person on todays show gave 100% and sent the crowd home happy and eager to know when we would be returning (which for anyone in the Leighton Buzzard area is April 10th but if you can’t wait until then… we are at The Jury’s Inn in Milton Keynes again on March 27th). All in all, it has been a great weekend (aside from the fact that the Tesco Express in Liverpool had no cans of Jack Daniels and Coke for the journey home so I ended up taking Gin & Tonic’s in the back of Chris’s car) and despite going through patches where I wonder why I ever became involved in this business in the first place, it’s weekends like this that remind me EXACTLY why I did!

So, onto another busy week as we launch the second HOPE Wrestling Academy this week, opening in Derby, we start on Tueday night with El Ligero taking tuesday classes and then no rest of the wicked as Paul Malen will be in charge of Wednesday and Sunday’s classes this week. If you have ever wanted to learn to wrestle, this is definitely the time to get signed up! Just have a look at our facebook page as you will see the great work already being done by the team down at our Milton Keynes Academy who just continue to go from strength to strength… I promise to write another column next week so if anyone has any suggestions of what to put in, please hit me up on my facebook (Harvey Dale) or my Twitter (@TheHarveyDale) and I will be happy to listen to what any of the three of you who will read this, have to say!

Peace out,

HD x

PROGRESS Wrestling (@ThisIs_Progress) World Cup of Wrestling (29/6/14) Results


1. Tommy End defeated Eddie Dennis to advance to the semi finals

2. Rampage Brown defeated Paul Synnot to advance to the semi finals

3. Noam Dar defeated Grado to advance to the semi finals

4. Darrell Allen defeated RJ Singh to advance to the semi finals

5. Rampage Brown defeated Tommy End to advance to the final

6. Noam Dar defeated Darrell Allen to advance to the final

7. Jimmy Havoc defeated Prince Devitt to retain the PROGRESS championship

8. Noam Dar defeated Rampage Brown to WIN the PROGRESS World Cup

It was announced, Devitt’s match was his last before heading to WWE. Also, with his win, Noam Dar will now challenge Havoc at Chapter 14 and on the same show, Rampage Brown will face Samoa Joe.

Thanks to Tom Linberry for the results

Southside (@SouthsideWE) Appetite For Destruction (14/6/14) Results

1. STIXX defeated Bubblegum

2. The Hunter Brothers defeated The Models (Danny Hope & Joey Hayes)

3. Joseph Conners battled Paul Malen to a double DQ

4. Uhaa Nation defeated Dave Mastiff

5. El Ligero defeated Tyler Bate

6. Project Ego defeated Starbux *

*A video of Tommy End played on the big screen which led to Haskins being distracted and so Travis could roll him up for the win and put Project Ego as number one contenders for the SWE tag team titles.

Thanks to Dale Mills (@TheDaleMills) for the results.